From our top rated Schools, close proximity to shopping, to our great available Services, you'll find Woodland Reserve a charming, and exquisite place to live.

Woodland Reserve's focus is on our attention to elegance and the finer things in life. Our desire is to protect the value of the homes within the community. Notice the Mediterranean styling in our fountains, monuments and stone walls which welcome you to the community. The European flare, detail of lights and copper domed pavilions reflect a style that is prestigious, classic and timeless. These expectations are carried through in our "Building Guidelines" to provide excellence in structure and curb appeal throughout the community.


  • Association Fees are $780 per year with a one-time Initiation Fee of $850 at the closing.
  • Design and Development Review Committee (DDRC) - Approves "final" site and floor plans indicating final grading and landscaping and all four (4) exterior elevations.
  • Existing Trees: No tree having a diameter of four (4) inches or more shall be removed from any lot without the express written consent of the DDRC.
  • Temporary Structures & Animal Shelters - Including building, trailer, tents, garages, barn or other shall not be allowed.
  • Pools are permitted but must be approved through the DDRC. Above ground pools are not allowed.
  • Recreational and Play Structures are permitted only upon review of the DDRC regarding material, style and placement.
  • Fencing: No fencing is allowed except for in-ground pool enclosures which must be approved by the DDRC.
  • Antennas & Satellite Units: No external or outside antennas or satellite dishes are accepted except the "mini dish" type DSS satellite units with specific approval from the DDRC as to type and location.
  • No hanging clothes lines.
  • Decks must be approved and all vertical portions to be painted to match exterior color. Materials to be cedar or approved alternative. (Black wrought iron railing is permitted.)
  • Landscape: A minimum of $2,000 must be allowed for front yard plantings. 2 shade trees with a minimum of 2.5" caliper must be planted, one in front and one in back. Yards must be bluegrass or other fine leaf turf (i.e. tall fescues). All plantings must be finished within 60 days of completion of the home.
  • Basketball Goals & Flag Poles: No basketball goals are allowed in the driveway. Backyard courts may be allowed but must be approved through the DDRC. (A basketball court will be available at the Common area). Flag poles must be approved through the DDRC.
  • Roofing: All roofs must be cedar shake, dimensional cedar shingles, slate, tile or concrete tiles. No asphalt shingles are permitted. New materials will need to be reviewed by the DDRC.
  • Front Exterior Building Materials: Stucco, Stone or Brick. Lap Hardboard siding may be used only if continued on sides and rear.
    Sides & Rear Elevation: Same as front exterior materials or textured hardboard sheet siding.
  • No Exterior Lighting directed outside the boundaries of the lot. Exterior lighting must be from white source only.
  • Windows: Casement recommended. Must be thermal paned metal or vinyl clad. Primed wood windows will not be permitted.
  • Fireplace Chimneys: Stucco, Stone or Brick Exterior. Mechanical Fireplace Units must have black low profile termination caps and must be supported by a foundation. Direct Vent Fireplaces are discouraged and must be approved by the DDRC. Interior Chimneys may be textured hardboard sheet siding.
  • Address Plates must be brass. Stenciled addresses are not permitted on the concrete.
  • Mailboxes: Buyer pays for mailbox at closing. Developer provides installation.
  • Roof Penetrations: All Metal and Plastic must be painted to match the roof color.
  • Foundation Concrete must be held to a minimum and must be painted to match the color of the house. If showing more than 12" on the front, DDRC approval is required.

For more information, call a Sales Executive at Woodland Reserve: 913-764-9100

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